My name is Bitia Catana. I am a very curious person with and insatiable desire to learn and to understand the world around me. I believe in the magic of thinking big and setting goals and of acting upon them. My thoughts are directed to creating something that improves and enriches the lives of people in this world and makes humans progress and evolve for the better. I have plenty of interests, but I regularly think about and focus on the area of childhood and human development, psychology, education, learning, culture, and family dynamics. I like to understand the human in his understanding of the world, as it is this understanding what will determine his actions, his habits, his behaviour, and will, collectively with other like-minded humans, shape his environment, his society, and his world. For this reason I have created this blog, where I can share my insights, perspectives, thoughts, and ideas, which I hope can influence other people’s lives positively.

Thank you for being a reader and supporting my blog.

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