The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova

I haven’t earned any degree in political science, economics or sociology, I am not a political analyst or  journalist, but I believe that everyone can have common sense and be able to analyze a social problem and propose solutions.

I propose one solution to sex trafficking, and it is the implementation of an unconditional basic income for everyone, because the real problem behind sex trafficking, which allows it to continue and keep growing is poverty.


The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova is a documentary about human trafficking, the organization of this crime for the purposes selling sex in Eastern Europe. The most prominent feeling I see throughout the film is hopelessness. Almost everyone, either fighting against or protecting this industry, said that this problem is unstoppable and out of our hands, the solution seems unconceivable, the industry is a monster. A man that was interviewed said that a major reason why the situation of sex trafficking in Eastern Europe isn’t changing is corruption. Throughout the film I couldn’t conceive any other solution to this problem but the implementation of a basic unconditional income for everyone.

A woman said: if a girl was given the option of becoming either a nurse or a prostitute, she wouldn’t be a prostitute. The reason that pushed all the interviewed women to move out of their country, and that made them so naive when traffickers proposed them “well paying” jobs in Europe, is because of their necessity. When one is in need and lives in constant fear and worry about the future’s uncertainty, one can be very naive and trust anyone who could make the future seem more secure. But what if these women weren’t afraid of not being able to survive? What if these women knew that no matter what they did in their lives they would never struggle to find food and to meet their basic needs? Will they prefer to be prostitutes in a foreign country among the thousand other options of occupations they could invest their time and bodies in? Well, in that case, if I was asked the same question I would prefer a nurse and to have a loving and caring sex partner.


One thought on “The Price of Sex by Mimi Chakarova

  1. Este es un problema de nunca acabar , porque la prostitución existe desde que el mundo existe y aunque algunas mujeres se convierten en prostitutas, lo hacen por elección propia . Ya que esa elección ya viene en sus genes por una estructura fisiológica , psicológica y mental. Hanneman decia que estas criaturas eran enfermas algunas . Y se debe a muchos factores . Uno de ellos es el entorno inmediato. Los factores son múltiples. Y ya cada uno sabemos donde esta la causa principal.


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