Reflection of the Day: Understanding Why Some Children Drop Out and TechnoTutor


It’s incredible to see how one can get discouraged from continuing to read a book due to a lack of vocabulary – I am reading a mind-blowing history book which I recommend: Tragedy and Hope – As I read the first 50 pages I was happy like a little kid because I understood most words was finally understanding the history of capitalism…then I got into the banking/finance part and begun to yawn and feel stressed until I wanted to give up on reading it because I didn’t understand words like “bonds”, “securities”, “credit”,etc. – It’s crazy to see how radically my attitude towards the book changed only because of a lack of vocabulary – now imagine how children must feel in school when they get into higher educational levels without having built a strong vocabulary!!! if they don’t persist most will drop out! — Fortunately I have two superb tools: the Internet ( with video-tutorials like these: and TechnoTutor to integrate these words with ease.

I planned to finish this book by the end of the summer, but I rather read it WELL and understand every word in it than to leaf through it and eventually have to come back to these terms which I will inevitably face in university lectures.

– Gift your children the tools to build their vocabulary = Gift them tools to build their future.


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